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The InvestiGator Club Prekindergarten Special Education Learning System
Buy: $2,841.00
InvestiGator Club Prekindergarten Learning System with Adaptive Learning Kit for special education classrooms. Provides modifications for InvestiGator Club lessons, practical suggestions, and activities to adapt instruction for children with a variet .... (more)
Adaptive Learning Kit
Buy: $358.00
Adaptive Learning Kit provides modifications and materials for The InvestiGator Club lessons, practical suggestions and activities for how to successfully accommodate children in an inclusive classroom. Designed to be used with The InvestiGator Club .... (more)
Vocabulary Cards
Buy: $32.00
Great for individual and small group instruction, Learning Centers, and family involvement, these Vocabulary Cards provide beautiful photographs of 100 common items accompanied by both the English and Spanish word for each. Included in English-Spanis .... (more)
ABC Game Cards
Buy: $32.00
Children can practice letter recognition and sound/letter correspondence as well as sign language in a variety of game formats for different learning styles and special needs. Challenging activities for gifted children. Included in the Adaptive Learn .... (more)

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