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Alphabet Knowledge

Dilly and Friends Alphabet Kit
Buy: $173.00
This kit includes innovative components to help you follow the critical learning path to alphabet knowledge and phonological awareness. The kit includes a beautifully illustrated 32-page ABC book introducing each letter, as well as instructional tool .... (more)
Prekindergarten Readiness Kit
Buy: $1,085.00
Start your pre-k year off right with the Readiness Kit, a flexible program that introduces critical school readiness skills. Includes: Let's Investigate! Investigation Kit; Alphabet Kit; Math Board and Kit; 10 Posters (daily routines and songs) with .... (more)
Spanish Alphabet Book - El Libro Grande del Alfabeto
Buy: $53.00
Introduce children to the Spanish alphabet and build phonological awareness with this giant write-on/wipe-off flipchart. Lessons and interactive activities are provided for each student page. .... (more)
Spanish Foam Letters
Buy: $42.00
Create activities and play alphabet games with two sets of capital and small Spanish alphabet letters, supporting children as they develop important alphabet skills such as associating letters with their shapes, matching letters, teaching the names o .... (more)
Family Involvement Packs (7 packs)
Buy: $198.00
Help parents stay involved with the Family Involvement Packs. Each pack includes a Dilly and Friends Little Book, a Dilly and Friends Stick Puppet, Dilly's Music and Movement CD, Dilly and Friends Read Along CD, Dilly and Friends Stickers, a Parent G .... (more)
ABC Game Cards
Buy: $32.00
Children can practice letter recognition and sound/letter correspondence as well as sign language in a variety of game formats for different learning styles and special needs. Challenging activities for gifted children. Included in the Adaptive Learn .... (more)

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